Personal Websites Convert Better

I find that a lot of websites are not personal. I don’t mean personal to the user I mean personal about you and your team the business and the people who run and own it. . Yes essentially patients are booking to come to the practice or company  but they are investing their time and money in you and your team. Buying a product or service from a company can be quite a personal thing if it is a business to concur service. Obviously business to business is different. 

Your website should enable the potential new customers to feel they know you a little better. Where you studied and what you specialise in, what work you enjoy doing most and who does what in your business. Let them be able to put faces to names. Make it warming so they feel comfortable. It could be this little change that makes a customer choose you over someone other nearby competitor offering a similar service. It may seem obvious to some but you would be surprised how many peoples business websites that don’t do it. It comes down to phycology. So if you are going to make a change to your website this month or next. Make it a little more personal. Think if you were going to be spending thousands of pounds or even hundreds even tens of pounds what business would you choose would you choose the one with the personal touch or the one without?

So that’s my first tip. I will be sending out a few of these over coming weeks so keep your eyes on your inbox as these changes could be the difference between you or your competition getting that new high value customer.

You can also download our guide that’s been produced to help you have a better website.

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