Friday Fragment Google 4th PPC

The topic of this week’s Friday Fragment was on treatments and pictures but there is something I think is more important to discuss.

The fourth PPC ad, it has been over 3 weeks now since Google changed its PPC results on the serp . Historically only three pay per click adverts were available to click at the top above the first organic result and the local map pack if applicable. Not now, Google has decided to increase this to four, I mean why wouldn’t they? Its Google’s main revenue stream, they don’t make any money from you being listed in the organic results. They need those organic results, most importantly to serve our needs as the users and to keep us coming back to their platform. While we are there they serve us the paid ads. The majority of people ignore ads I know I do. It must be from years of non-relevant pages being served from the clicks of ads. Do you click them?

Anyhow there is another issue. It has pushed the organic results down the fold a little more. For those of you that don’t know. The fold is where the content ends on your screen meaning you have to scroll down to see more. So as it stands a lot of mobile devices, laptops and tablets now only show the number one spot on Google and the rest of the screen real estate is taken up by ads! Their continued design efforts have progressively blended the ads so it’s getting hard to differentiate between the organic ads for some.

Has it affected your traffic? If your website is in the top 3 for the treatments in your area have you seen a drop? Before statistically around 70-80% of users go to the organic listings. Are we loosing important traffic to this new number 4 ad? It’s the most important time to have your website in that number one position more than ever.

Check your tracking data for both PPC and organic and check your conversions to see how it has impacted your business. It makes me ask the question… Is your website where you need it to be? NO1? If not then I suggest that maybe you should have a chat with your marketing company and get it there now, as over the next few years’ things are only going to get harder.

I’d be more than happy to review your website for you and see what we at Dental SEO can do. Just click the link here and enter your domain and I will send you over a marketing analysis report.