Expert Content

The topic id like to touch on today is content. Expert Content is something we hear and read about all the time, well it’s a term thrown around a lot by other SEO providers. Content is king! Google loves content!  Make great content! Content! Expert Content! Expert Content! Having great content will help you out rank your competition!

Well does it? Does great content help out rank your competition? Let’s think about it for a second. I see hundreds of dental websites churning out blog post after blog post of generic dental related content in a hope it ranks their website up the serps in Google. Their doing it, so it must work, right. That is all there is to it right?  No, well, not how most do it.

First of all what is great content in the eyes of Google?  We can take a guess.

Something well written?

Has Great photos?

Has compelling video?

Thats what makes great content right! Actually I don’t know and nor do you.  In neither fact nor does Google which is why they brought YouTube as they couldn’t get Google Video to be great with their king content.

I know what potential patients may find good content. After all this is who you should be targeting. Think how many dental websites are in Google. If each one of you is outing content about the different treatments available there are only so many similar pages Google actually requires in its index.

These blog/content posts may make the traffic report look good but ask yourself the question, are they bringing in the new high value patients? Probably not!

Traffic comes from ranks, ranks build exposure and exposure creates revenue.

Lets do a couple of examples off the top of my head. The first scenario will be an informative article for a potential patient.

Example One; Does an electric tooth brush whiten teeth.

Create a piece of content that answers a question like above. Queries get broken down in to different areas. You have; professionals looking for an answer, researchers looking for an answer,  general enquiries that will not convert. Then finally a person that is actually wondering if an electric tooth brush will whiten their teeth. This tells us that this person is possibly looking to have whiter teeth. They are wondering if an electric tooth brush will do this. Perfect your article can inform them of the truths then promote your very own tooth whitening treatment with before and after photos. Wow great they love the results you’ve convinced them. This person is now going to buy a tooth whitening treatment from you. Oh, wait, hang on. You’re in London. This person is in Scotland. No problem the user just goes back to Google and types tooth whitening Scotland.  Scottish Dental Practice A just got a new patient, a new patient thanks to you! See what happened there! Your blog post just educated a person and helped them make an informed decision. This is one of the problems with content marketing. There is also the flip side to this. There is every possibility that Google will use the GEO location of the device being used to carry out the search so anyone asking the same or very similar related questers nearby will get served your website in the results. Great! That brings a possibility of a new patient but is it enough. Is it the correct marketing strategy your SEO should be doing. Im all for educating sharing and teaching. Just don’t be misguided that content is king and will bring you new patients. Expert Content should be a supplemental commodity used to enrich your website once a visitor has landed.